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See without glasses in the New Year and join 16,000 happy patients.

New Years’ Eve in Dubai is unlike anything else in the world whether you are a local or a first-time visitor. There are several celebrations throughout the city to celebrate the New Year.

Imagine taking selfies and group photos without constantly removing your glasses. In just 48 hours, you will be able to enjoy Dubai’s New Year festivities without packing glasses or contact lenses. 

✓ Free assessment ✓ Free follow-ups after surgery ✓ Free protective glasses ✓ Offer is time limited


    Be Glasses free during New Year celebration in Dubai. The North American Lasik and Eye Surgery Centre, Dubai, is the leading Vision correction Center in the United Arab Emirates.

    We have performed over 16,000 successful eye surgeries and have internationally trained eye surgeons. We are the first and only center in the UAE to offer ZEISS Visumax 800 SMILE laser technology that provides  ReLex SMILE Pro and Femto LASIK.

    Glasses free experiences for New Years party: 

    • Taking selfies without removing your glasses 
    • Staying up all night dancing without dry eyes from contacts 
    • Not worrying where you put your glasses or your contacts 
    • Getting close with someone without having glasses in the way 

    Do I qualify for Lasik eye surgery for the Dubai New Year celebrations? 

    • You have time for a quick Lasik assessment at our office 
    • Your age is between 20-40 
    • Your eye prescription should be stable  
    • No issues like glaucoma or cataracts 

    Patients trust us as the most advanced vision correction & eye surgery clinic in the UAE.

    20+ Years Experience


    Successful Surgeries


    Laser Vison Correction


    Cataract & Glaucoma Surgeries

    We provide a complete range of procedures to meet your vision correction dreams.
    Ditch your glasses and irritating contact lenses and make the best decision of your life.

    LASIK Prices for New Years 2023
    Limited Time Promo Ends Dec. 28


    UltraLASIK: 2,000 AED per Eye (40% Off)

    Affordable and safe LASIK eye surgery. The operation only takes a few minutes and is pain free. Good sight is achieved after just a few hours, and normal work life is possible the next day. Was: 2,800 AED per Eye Promo Price: AED 2,000 per Eye

    Femto LASIK : 4,000 AED per Eye (40% Off)

    Femto LASIK is the advanced bladless fully laser produced LASIK eye surgeries. Unlike outdated microkeratome blades that are used in LASIK or Ultra LASIK, our Femtosecond laser technology has increased flap precision and accuracy and only uses a laser (bladeless) for creating the flap. Was: 5,600 AED per Eye Promo Price: AED 4,000 per Eye


    ReLEx SMILE Pro: 5,000 AED per Eye (40% Off)

    ReLEx SMILE is the most advanced technology for laser vision correction in the world. Its Flapless technique means that your eyes are barely touched. Eyes after the SMILE procedure recover their full strength in 2 hours, and you will be able to resume full life activity the next day. Using flapless incision technology, you get perfect vision with the most advanced and safest procedure. Was: 7,000 AED per Eye Promo Price: AED 5,000 per Eye

    Start 2023 New Year in Dubai glasses free today.

    In your lifetime, buying one pair of glasses a year and four boxes of contact lenses will cost you approx. AED 21,000. What benefit is this investment when glasses and contact lenses interfere with your lifestyle? You know the challenge you have each day to remove contact lenses or glasses that get in the way of activities or style.

    So why not get clearer vision in under 10 seconds at the UAE’s top laser eye surgery clinic. The cost is affordable, and the benefits are immediate. Patients often see 80% clearer right out of surgery, and there is a continued improvement in vision as the eye adjusts.

    Our vision correction and eye surgery experts have performed over 8000 procedures using advanced technologies. If you are curious if you need SMILE or LASIK surgery, feel free to contact us.

    Most advanced vision correction clinic in the UAE.

    We are pleased to offer you the best services with the help of the latest innovative technologies from our expert surgeons, technicians, and trained staff.

    Don’t take our word. See what our fantastic patients have to say about us!

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    The North American Lasik & Eye Surgery Centre and our expert surgeons are trusted by thousands of happy patients in the UAE & worldwide.

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