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Welcome to the the North American Lasik and Eye Surgery Centre located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

We have performed over 16,000 successful eye surgeries and have internationally trained eye surgeons.

We are the first and only center in the UAE to offer ZEISS Visumax 800 SMILE laser technology that provides minimal invasive flapless surgery.

Along with ZEISS SMILE Pro laser eye surgery, our clinic offers LASIK eye surgery using the Alcon Wavelight 500. All our state-of-the-art systems provide painless eye surgery with quick recovery time.

We welcome you to visit our clinic and experience our friendly staff, doctors, and beautiful interior that is bright and cheery. Our doctors, staff, and technicians are committed to providing the best care possible while making our patients feel right at home. We offer outstanding support for your vision correction procedure & follow-ups.

Our clinic uses the most advanced vision correction & eye surgery technology.

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Don’t let Glasses or Contact Lenses Interfere with Your Lifestyle.

In your lifetime, buying one pair of glasses a year and four boxes of contact lenses will cost you approx. $21,000. What benefit is this investment when glasses and contact lenses interfere with your lifestyle? You know the challenge you have each day to remove contact lenses or glasses that get in the way of activities or style.

So why not get clearer vision in under 10 seconds at the UAE’s top laser eye surgery clinic. The cost is affordable, and the benefits are immediate. Patients often see 80% clearer right out of surgery, and there is a continued improvement in vision as the eye adjusts.

Our vison correction and eye surgery experts have done over 16,000 procedures using advanced technologies. If you are curious if you need SMILE or LASIK surgery, take our free quiz today.

We provide a complete range of procedures to meet your vision correction dreams.

Laser Eye Surgery & Vision Correction Procedures

Advanced vision correction clinic in the UAE.

We are pleased to offer you the best services with the help of the latest innovative technologies from our expert surgeons, technicians, and trained staff.

The North American Lasik & Eye Surgery Centre and our expert surgeons are trusted by thousands of happy patients in the UAE & worldwide. 

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