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4 Ways Femto LASIK is Better

Bladeless Procedure

Without using a knife on the eye, a computer-guided laser creates an extremely precise flap on the corneal surface.

Thinner Flap

Thinner corneal flaps prevent the loss of healthy corneal tissue which decreases healing time. With this surgery, surgeons may be able to correct higher refractive errors.

Painless Procedure

The complete laser process is a painless procedure due to the numbing drops and the bladeless surgery. During the procedure you will feel some pressure on the eye but no pain.

Instant Recovery

The complete laser process is a painless procedure due to the numbing drops and the bladeless surgery. You can be back to work or activities in 48 hours.

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There have been over 10 million procedures performed worldwide in the past 20 years. You want to be able to live your life without fumbling with your glasses or constantly struggling with your contact lenses. You want to wake up in the morning and see your alarm clock without reaching for your glasses.

You can change your life in just 10 minutes with the UAE’s best eye surgeons. 

What is Femto LASIK?

Femtosecond-assisted (Femto) laser in-situ keratomileusis (LASIK) is a type of laser eye surgery. The laser is used in LASIK surgery to make a hinged corneal flap. As the surgeon lifts the flap, he or she will have access to the part of the eye where the excimer laser will be used. Using the laser, specific refractive corrections are made to the eye. It takes only about 30-60 seconds to complete this step. 

The Femto LASIK Difference

Femto LASIK is highly effective for typical farsightedness (hyperopia), near-sightedness (myopia), or astigmatism. Femto LASIK is best for -0.5 D to -8.0 D myopia and hyperopia between +1.00 and +5.00 D spherical equivalent. 

Femto LASIK is very effective treatment for Astigmatism up to 4.00 Diopters. 

Our specialists can assess your eye with various tests to determine the best course of action. Schedule a consultation. 

Conditions Treated

CONTOURA® Vision by Alcon Wave Light

Femto LASIK eye surgery combined with CONTOURA® Vision’s WaveLight® technology is an advanced topography guided laser vision correction. Using a proprietary measurement system, each eye is mapped with up to 22,000 unique elevation points. In the same way that your fingerprint is unique, CONTOURA® Vision creates a map that’s unique to your eyes. CONTOURA Vision LASIK gives better vision profile than standard UltraLASIK.

Conditions Treated
CONTOURA Vision by Alcom Wave Light

With Alcon CONTOURA® Vision, the doctor can use your eye measurements to see your cornea’s peaks and troughs on a unique topographic map to ensure a precise LASIK procedure.

How does it compare to traditional LASIK?

Unlike LASIK, Femto LASIK creates corneal flaps using a different cutting laser called a femtosecond laser. Compared to micorkeratome blades that are used in LASIK, Femtosecond lasers have increased flap precision and accuracy.

Faster Recovery and Less Complications

In comparison to traditional LASIK, Femto LASIK makes a small flap in the eye surface by using a laser rather than a mechanical tool. This causes the flap to heal faster and cause fewer complications. This procedure will treat myopia, astigmatism and hyperopia.

In contrast SMILE® only treats myopia and astigmatism.

Femto Lasik Compared to Ultra LASIK

Your eyes are precious and you should have the best type of eye surgery available. FemtoLasik is the gold standard in bladeless eye surgery. FemtoLasik involves the use of a highly precise laser beam to create a microscopically thin corneal flap.

The ultra LASIK procedure removes a thin layer of corneal tissue with a Micro Blade, much like shaving the cornea (Micro Keratome). The difference is that a Laser is used in Femto LASIK while a Microkeratome blade is used in UltraLasik.

If you want a microscopic incision that does not use a blade then FemtoLasik is the best choice!

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    Bladeless Flap in 6 seconds

    Our clinic uses the ZEISS Visumax 800 Femto laser to create a bladeless flap and the Alcon Wave light Ex 500 for the LASIK treatment. The Alcon Wave Light is the most accurate and fastest excimer Laser with 500 pulses per second that can treat 1.0 Diopter of myopia in 1.4 seconds.


    This technology is great for its speed, precision and comfort for the patient. With Femto LASIK, no physical instruments are used, and the surgery is completely guided by computer, reducing the risk of complications.

    Over 16,000 Happy Patients

    Our founder, Dr. Abdulla Naqi, and the team of surgeons have over 30 years of experience and patients have trusted our clinic with over 16,000 eye surgeries.


    We perform weekly eye surgeries and we first opened our clinic in 2013.


    Our commitment to all our patients is that they receive the best treatment in terms of quality, trustworthiness, and credibility. Because of our commitment to providing the best eye treatment, the North American Lasik and Eye Surgery Centre are accredited by the Emirates International Accreditation Centre (EIAC).


    Laser Eye Surgery helps you start living your life

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