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Glaucoma Surgery Options


Excess fluid from the eye is removed by making a tiny cut on the white part of the eye to reduce the pressure.

Peripheral Iridectomy

Using a laser, the surgeon makes a small hole in the iris to relieve pressure and drain fluid.

Ahmed Glaucoma Valve

Pressure is immediately reduced and controlled by a unique flow restrictor


A combination of glaucoma surgeries that uses stents and micro shunts to lower the pressure in the eye.

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It is recommended to have surgery if you receive a late or advanced diagnosis, and if you have failed to respond to medicine or laser treatments.
Glaucoma surgery aims to reduce the pressure within the eye, stabilize vision and prevent vision loss in the future.

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Glaucoma surgery aims to reduce the pressure within the eye, stabilize vision and prevent vision loss in the future. An opening is created to allow fluid to drain from the eye – or a shunt is implanted to assist with draining.

In addition to eye drops, laser treatments, and surgery, various treatments are available for glaucoma. Depending on your circumstances, you may need a different type of treatment.

Glaucoma Surgery & Treatment Options

There are several types of glaucoma, and the treatment you receive will largely depend on the type. The most common type is primary open angle glaucoma, which is usually treated with eye drops. It may be necessary to undergo laser treatment or surgery if drops do not provide relief.

Treatments for other types of glaucoma include:
● Glaucoma with primary angle closure – immediate treatment in hospital with medicine to relieve eye pressure followed by laser surgery.
● Treatment for secondary glaucoma may include eyedrops, laser treatment, or surgery, depending on the underlying cause.

Glaucoma Surgery Options
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